Apphia Rayne


Apphia “Phi” Rayne (@phiphibb) is a 25 year old marketing + social media consultant, business owner, DJ, and model + influencer. Her passions include her dog Jaxon, traveling, and carbs. She grew up in Orange County, and is now based in Los Angeles. 


How does technology work for you?

Technology complicates yet also solves a lot of my issues, I feel it’s necessary for the work that I do. But I also wish I didn’t need it as much as I do.

Has the thought of taking a sabbatical from social media crossed your mind?

Oh, 100%! I never have but I've always wanted to. Social media can be really overwhelming for a lot of people especially for someone like me who has anxiety and weird things, it’s not always fun.


What is one of the most beautiful things that you’ve witnessed or experienced? 

The first time my dog actually cuddled me. Being from the shelter, he took a very long time (9 months) to actually bond with me. The minute he was actually welcoming and loving towards me was really a beautiful thing for me to experience. I’ll always cherish it forever and never forget that.


How important is it to adopt vs purchase your pet?

It’s extremely important to me. There's a lot of cats and dogs that need homes that are constantly being killed in the thousands per month in certain counties. If I'm not mistaken, Los Angeles County has 9000 cats and dogs that are euthanized every month because of overpopulation. I feel like if you want to get an animal, I highly recommend getting one from those places. And if you really want to get a pet from a breeder, please try to donate to the other animals that aren't so lucky. 


How do you keep focused? 

I exercise a lot! I try to hike with my dog as often as I can because that brings me a sense of happiness to see him so excited about something that we take for granted. I also like relaxing in the bath and going to bed early now, I feel that keeps me focused and happy.


Do you have a morning routine?

My morning routine for the last two months now has been: 1. Waking up at 7:00am (during the week) 2. Having a protein shake 3. Walking my dog 4. Attending my circuit training class. After that I’ll typically go to work, if I don't have work that day I'll just hang out at my house and finish off the things I can do at home.

Is there a certain protein shake that you like? 

I have been using Detox Organics which is a detoxing product. But I’ll add two scoops of chocolate protein powder from MorelliFit and sometimes I’ll add peanut butter + almond milk. As a vegetarian with horrible eating habits, it helps me get protein in my diet. 


Is fate real? And if so, how have you experienced fate in your life? 

I feel like we're all destined to do things. I got into social media accidentally… Instagram was fairly new when I was around 19 years old (I'm 25 now) and I started to see that it clicked for me - I just didn't know that it could be a job later on in my life. But I think I was destined to do it, it's kind of like fate that I figured it out on my own. I didn't finish college, but I now have a fun desk job that I actually love! It's in marketing and has been great!


What do you think your purpose here on Earth is?

It’s so cliche, but I just try to be a good person, be nice to those around me, and speak for things that mean a lot to me. I'm working on a hair product line which is exciting! I love being creative and teaching people things that I have always known or things that have always circled in my life.


Where can people find you online?

Instagram: @phiphibb
Twitter: @phiphibb
b.phinom: @b.phinom

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